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Welcome to the Woodland Harvest Mountain Farm Wiki!

This Wiki serves the purpose of documentation and insight-sharing for the co-creative collaboration between Olin College and Woodland Harvest Mountain Farm. Please refer to our Olin at Woodland Harvest website, our Closer Look website, and media collection to find out more about this educational experiment.

We will use this wiki to document progress on projects, share recipes and thoughts, and anything else we want to create a wiki page for. This wiki is publicly available, but only users with an account can edit pages.

Please request an account in the upper right corner. Your account will have to be approved by the Magic account. You can find login information on a laminated Woodland Harvest Wiki card in the living room. Alternatively, you can ask Leon to approve your account request.

On Special:AllPages, you can see all pages. If you want to know more about the electricity system, go to Main House Electricity System. Furthermore, there is a selection of important pages below.

Useful tips

Very excitingly, this Wiki uses Markdown conventions for writing texts. Markdown is written in plain text, which makes writing and editing faster as you don't have to click on buttons to format. For example, you indicate the highest level of titles with # Cool Title and lower titles with ##, ###. To make text bold, use two underscores in front and after the word __bold word__. For italic text, use one underscore _italic text_. For more help with markdown conventions, check out this cheat sheet. You can use HTML tags for comments, quotes, many other things. They are quite useful. Here are a few more useful tips:

  • On your laptop, create a new page by searching for the desired page name and click the red page title
  • On your phone, create a new page by adding the desired title after the index.php/ in the URL. For example: New Example Page
  • For image insertion info, click here.
  • On wikis, you can't easily change the title of a page. Change a page's title by moving the entire page with its discussion to a new page.
  • Consult the Users Guide for information on using the wiki software.
  • If you want to cite, add [^paper1] after you sentence and [^paper1]:ominous source(2803) at the end of the page. A citation will look like this. 1

A few pages

  1. this is what a citation looks like.