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This page is for notes for an independent robotics study by Odalys Benitez and Leon Santen. Our final project is to build a pan-tilt mechanism for a solar panel array on Woodland Harvest Mountain Farm.

Foundation Research

LoRa research
This page is a collection of research insights around LoRa and useful communication tips.

Pan-tilt mechanism research
This page is a gathering of potential components and calculations around the solar panel pan-tilt mechanism.

Sensor Data Acquisition
This page is a combination of different resources for learning how to obtain solar radiation data from an Apogee Pyranometer and how to make this data inform actuator position

Project Documentation

Pan-Tilt System for Solar Array
This page is documentation of our work on the pan-tilt mechanism. It provides tips and info for future students and visitors.

Electrical Control Unit
This page documents the wireless communication system that monitors the electrical system. It includes the GitHub repository, and tips around coding and using sensors.

Project Report

Final Report
This page documents our final report for the semester. We talk about our design and building process, hardware assembly process, and software. We also mention their relation to sense-think-act.

To Do


  • speck out encoder
  • calculate angle for solar panels, pan and tilt, simulation
  • find bolts for rectangular center post